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From student applications to collections and support, our all-in-one tuition management platform will help you every step of the way.

Increased Enrollment For Your School. Flexible Financing Your Students Need.

Flexible financing options open the doors to higher education and a better life. With Meratas, you’ll increase enrollment, improve retention, and scale your program.

87% of students polled say they would not have considered
their program without a flexible financing option.

Our Experience Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Platform Wide Default Rate
In ISAs originated on our Platform

The Benefits of a Meratas Program

Increase Enrollment

See an immediate
increase in qualified
applicants by offering a flexible financing option

Fast Implementation

Whichever program you choose, we’ll get you up and running fast

Better Funding Options

Program funding available through our investment partners

Student-Focused Support

Our student support team is an extension of yours. We’ll take care of your students as well as you do

Better Collections Process

Our first-rate
collections process will ensure your program is successful

Full Data Transparency

Having full access to your outcomes data is essential for making strategic decisions. That’s why we’ll never hide your data from you

“We believe CMC is uniquely well positioned to recruit and educate diverse candidates in a high-need service area.  We are additionally interested in providing an example of innovative financing that could be replicated in other environments.”

Kristin Heath Colon
Kristin Heath Colon

CEO of the Colorado Mountain College Foundation on their Rural Nursing Success Fund Income Share Agreement.

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