Make It Easy For Your Students to Say Yes

Our multi-lender marketplace gives your students faster, easier access to custom private loan options. Students can apply and compare real offers in minutes through just one link.

A Complete Tuition Solution

A Multi-lender Marketplace

In one quick application, your students will receive real pre-qualified offers from multiple lenders, without impacting their credit score. We make it easy for your students to prequalify for real options from trusted lenders across the nation.

In-House Payment Plans

Offer your students direct payment plans designed to increase enrollment around your students' individual needs. The Meratas tuition management platform gives you the flexibility to design and combine custom tuition plans that fit your business goals and appeal to your students.

A Platform specifically built for modern educational financing.

Offering the right financing solution to match your students’ needs increases enrollment and eliminates barriers to education.

Meratas is the only provider of both a multi-lender marketplace and direct payment plan technology. By combining private loan options with flexible payment solutions, our partners can achieve virtually 100% coverage for all their student financing needs.

Real support, every step of the way

With an entirely US based, in-house call center, our friendly Student Support Team will take student questions on behalf of your school.

Unleash better decision-making with detailed performance reporting from an easy to use administrative dashboard. With a turnkey tuition management platform, we’re here to help drive your success.

Ready to increase enrollment and reduce friction?

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