May 26, 2020

Who Benefits the Most From Income Share Agreements?

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Ever wondered if an Income Share Agreement is right for you? Today, we take a look at who benefits most from ISAs and how they work to their advantage.

Income Share Agreements (ISA) are not only a great option to finance education, but they also improve access to programs many could not afford otherwise. With an ISA agreement, students receive funding for their education upfront in exchange for agreeing to share a percentage of their income over a set period of time. Here at Meratas, we’re dedicated to ensuring those who normally wouldn’t be able to afford higher education can learn without increased stress from traditional private student loan payments.

But who are ISAs really best for?


Who are the people that would benefit most from ISAs?


ISAs are for those looking for new career opportunities

Embarking on a career change journey is a huge investment. It requires time, money, and effort to bridge any skills gaps and even going back to school to earn a new degree.


The reality is many people looking to enhance their skills or change careers already have debt from past education or credit cards that affects their ability to secure new financing.


This is especially true for single parents or those who had to drop out of college early for various reasons and are now living paycheck to paycheck. These people have current obligations that make it difficult for them to upskill to a career that pays more, provides benefits, and offers longevity in the professional world.


It’s a frustrating cycle.


Individuals feel as if they’re stuck in a job they don’t love because they can’t afford the higher education to fast track them into a new career.


ISAs offer a solution by allowing busy people to attend an online program or part-time lessons without having to pay out of pocket until they’ve graduated from the program and have a job making a good amount of income. Here at Meratas, we love ISA contracts because they enable people to level up their skills and make themselves competitive candidates in the job market.


ISAs are perfect for a single parent who wants to provide more for their family.


They’re great for the individual working paycheck to paycheck who wants to get into a career they love.


They’re ideal for those looking to transition from one career to another but don’t have the means to do so.


ISAs are for those who need more flexibility than what their traditional private student loans give them


Even with working two jobs to cover living expenses and using money that parents have set aside for college, some students need more financial aid than the traditional private student loan maximum. In order to remain in school, many students are worried that they’ll have to take out traditional private student loans with even higher-interest than federal student loans or even join the Army to secure the funding they need.


ISAs are a great option for students halfway through college needing more financial aid. ISAs don’t discriminate based on socioeconomic status, they open unrealized doors, improving college access. They enable and encourage students to maintain their graduation timelines and allows them the mental space to focus on their academic career by not having to worry about how they’ll afford the next semester.


ISAs benefit those who are already students looking for more flexibility in their schedule and peace of mind on affording further education.


ISAs Offer Options For Those Who Looking at Non-traditional Education Paths

Some individuals graduate their high schools unsure of the college degree they want to pursue or even if college is the right option for them. They find that maybe the traditional path of education doesn’t align with their overall goals for their future. They may be looking elsewhere for building their career.


With the rising popularity (and effectiveness) of coding, data, cybersecurity, UX design, and apprenticeship boot camps, some people find the best option for them lies in a new career through an immersive program. These programs aren’t exactly easy to afford out of pocket either, especially for someone straight out of high school. ISAs open doors for these individuals to explore alternatives to a standard college degree free of debt.


This makes ISAs ideal for high school students who may not want to take the traditional academic path or even for those wanting a career change but aren’t able to commit to a four-year program.


ISAs are idyllic for Bootcamps, Programs, and Schools

With the multitude of educational programs and schools for students to choose from, it can be difficult for students to choose which courses will lead to better jobs and higher income. Programs that offer an income share agreement to students are signaling that the student is guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduating from the course.


The relief of not having to worry about any upfront tuition costs combined with a guaranteed job allows students to focus on what’s truly important during the program – learning! The student doesn’t have to have thousands of dollars saved up in order to be eligible to enroll. This widens the pool of applicable candidates for multiple schools and programs. ISAs open up enrollment and fill seats in programs that would otherwise be empty.


For too long, traditional private student loans have been the only way for someone to finance their education and they’ve caused more harm than good. A new way of financing that balances the responsibilities between students and schools is long overdue.


An Income Share Agreement empowers students to pursue the work they love and create a better future for themselves without worrying about future interest rates, or whether they’ll have enough income to pay off their traditional private student loan debt. It allows schools and programs to fill seats they couldn’t otherwise fill while also aligning the incentives between them and their students.


If you’re a student and want to find some of the best Income Share Agreement programs available, check out our student’s page. If you’re a program or school looking to unlock the power of ISAs and put them to work for you, check out our partner’s page.

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