July 20, 2020

5 Traits To Develop To Thrive at a Coding Bootcamp

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When deciding to go to a coding Bootcamp, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Here are the top 5 traits that will help you succeed.

When deciding to go to a coding Bootcamp, there are several things that you should keep in mind.  Many application processes to coding Bootcamps can be intensive to ensure you’re ready for the dedication that the Bootcamp requires. So, in order to be successful,  before you start applying for coding programs there are some skills you’ll need to develop. Here are the top 5 traits that will help you succeed and optimize your time at your coding Bootcamp.


Passion for Coding


A passion for working in the growing tech industry should be one of the main reasons you’re excited to join a coding Bootcamp. There are a lot of reasons people decide to join a program. 


What’s your reason? 


It’s important that you’re making this commitment for the right reasons! If you’re deciding on a coding school to attend check out this list to figure out which one will work best for you.

Check out free online resources like  Codecademy, Team Tree House, Free Code, Hour of Code in order to help prepare you for what to expect at your Bootcamp. Learning on your own shows that you’re self-driven and passionate about what you’re going into. 


Disciplined Focus


“The power of focusing can be seen in light,” says author Rick Warren. “Diffused light has little power or impact, but you can concentrate its energy by focusing it. With a magnifying glass, the rays of the sun can be focused to set grass or paper on fire. When light is focused even more as a laser beam, it can cut through steel.” 


Coding takes ongoing practice that will involve constant learning for the rest of your career in coding. It’s important to realize Bootcamps aren’t all about completing assignments and getting certain grades, but more about learning to creatively solve problems.


Developing focus to motivate yourself to keep plugging away at set learning areas will help you overcome any hurdles ahead. Be upfront with yourself about what your goals are so you can properly manage your time and further sharpen your focus. Set aggressive goals to motivate yourself! Set milestones as well, this will help you monitor your progress and help you accomplish things on time.




You’ve got to have grit to thrive at a coding Boot camp and this resilience can only be developed through practice. Coding Bootcamps are called “Bootcamps” for a reason: they’re intense. No one is perfect the first time they try something difficult. Before you’re able to fluently code you’re going to fail sometimes, it’s easy to get discouraged but it’s important to realize learning to code means being okay with the fact that there will be multiple unknowns. 


The same applies as you prepare for your job hunt near the end of your Bootcamp. Applying for jobs can get discouraging if you’re not landing interviews right away. Try to view the stumbling blocks as part of the journey If you’re a better software developer than you were yesterday, and you’re having fun: you’re on the right track, and eventually you will find a job that’s a good fit for you.


Effective communication skills


Communication is a crucial element of getting things done, especially in an environment as stressful as a coding Bootcamp. It’s crucial to learn how to work effectively in a team if you want to enjoy a fulfilling career as a developer since you will often be a part of a team when working on big projects.


Ineffective communication can often lead to team challenges. And it might be tricky to know how to communicate with someone who has a different learning speed or style to yourself, but it’s important to learn how to communicate effectively in order to be successful. 


In order to get the best experience from your coding workshops, it’s important to ask a lot of questions and network with professionals in your industry. Good communication skills will also help you ace the job interview and in-turn perform better in your new tech career after graduation. Software engineers need to talk through their challenges and how they approach problems. They regularly collaborate within teams and sometimes, even communicate directly with clients. Having solid communication skills will help you both as a student and in your long-term professional development and is an important trait a hiring manager will look for in candidates.


Knowledge of Your Limits


Before you even start, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Being realistic about your abilities and coding skills will help you avoid disappointment and enable you to set achievable goals in your future. 


Know your limits and know when it’s time to take a break. Stuck on a problem? Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t feel bad to step away from the computer for a little while you need it. Taking breaks to relax, de-stress, and clear your head can be more productive than forcefully learning and thinking. Walk around a little, have a little snack, take your mind off coding briefly. And once you get back to work, you will feel energized. 


Programs and coding Bootcamps are a serious investment of time and energy, but these are some traits that will help you succeed. Already developed all of these traits? Ready to pick out a coding Bootcamp that will launch you into a great new career? Check out the Meratas student page for information on amazing coding, software development, and other educational programs!

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