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April 25, 2022

This Tool Will Help you Land Your Dream Job

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Ever wanted to go from entry level employee to working your dream job? We have just the tool that will level up your career like no other.

The uncertainty of the time we’re experiencing has taken an extreme toll on the working world. With many people being let go and companies trying to stay afloat, it can seem like there is no worse time to look for an ideal job


But here’s the thing:


 Companies will continue to have plenty of problems, and they need people with experience who can solve those problems. So although this may not be the perfect job market, target companies are still looking to bring people on to solve the issues and frustrating challenges they have. 


That being said, less hiring does mean a more competitive job search. Many people will look just as qualified for the job openings as you do on paper. Therefore, today it is even more important to know how to stand out to hiring managers on your resume and cover letter. Pandemic or not, the influx of resumes and cover letters with the same Times New Roman font and list an average 4.0 GPA aren’t standing out to employers.


 Is there any way to make your resume stand out on all of those job search sites? How can you show that you’re passionate about the opportunity and fully qualified to start adding value to their dream company on day one, even before they’ve interviewed you?


There is, and it’s called The Value Proposition.


The value proposition is a specifically tailored project that you’ve built to show your prospective hiring manager that you are not only qualified for and excited about the dream job title, but you’re also ready to provide real value to the company on day one. For example, a value proposition could be a blog post for marketing or even a video for their social media, a Google Sheet with a list of prospective customers you could reach out to on your first day in sales, or it could even be a 30-day plan of what you’ll accomplish in your first month at the company.


 How your value proposition looks is up to you. Think of this tools to help it like instead of telling someone you’re going to succeed at the job; you’re showing them.


How To Build A Value Proposition in 5 Steps


1. Read the job description for the position you’re applying for very carefully.

This will tell you about the problem that the company is trying to solve. Then, think about how you can position yourself and prove to them that you can solve these problems.


2. Look at the company’s website or how their brand is portrayed.

Can you identify something that’s missing or that could be done better? Is there a pain point or problem that needs to be solved? Put some thought into this step; while it doesn’t need to be perfect, try to be as specific as possible. Then, think about the different ways you can solve that problem and put that into your value prop. 


3. Prove that your idea is valuable to the company in the value prop.

Offer reasons why your idea would help them or how it will improve an aspect of their business. If you can, back up your claims with statistics from other companies who have done something similar to what you suggest. 


4. Put some thought into building the value prop.

It doesn’t need to be a fancy, elaborate 20-step plan that’s complicated for the employer to understand and hard for you to show how you can feasibly enact it on the first day. Of course, you want to get your foot in the door as soon as possible and prove that you are worth the company’s time and particular strengths, but it’s better to under-promise and then wow them when you over-deliver. 


5. Be concrete and confident.

It’s okay to critique something the company is doing as long as you’re backed up by something better that you’ve created for them, and it’s done tactfully. Just include the essentials when you finally send it over or present your idea to the company. You don’t want to confuse the hiring manager; you want them to know that it will create value right off the bat. 


We live in a time of resume inflation, but you’ll have companies knocking on your door asking you to work for them if you follow the above steps.  


 Want to build a value proposition but looking to develop a specific skill set before you start applying for a new job? Meratas has partner programs offering ISAs with endless skills to help you land your dream job. Check them out here!

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