February 26, 2021

Partner Spotlight: Product Gym

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Welcome to the monthly Meratas Partner Spotlight! This month, we're featuring the product management program, Product Gym!

Welcome to the monthly Meratas Partner Spotlight! Each month, we’ll feature one of our amazing partner programs that are helping members jump-start their careers.

What is a Product Manager?

A Product Manager serves as the liaison between the client, stakeholders, and the team who develops an app or digital product, including Designers and Developers. They guide the project and product, make decisions, manage a timeline, and analyze every step along the way.  Product Managers sometimes serve behind the scenes, but they are an integral part of all SaaS and Technology companies.

Product Management has been rising in popularity as a career path and created more competition in the job market due to the increased density of candidates. You may have experienced the competitive nature of this field firsthand and wished that there was a class or program tailored to teaching people how to become better Product Managers. Well, you’re in luck! Today’s featured partner does just that.

What is Product Gym?

Product Gym is an exclusive membership community for aspiring Product Managers to network, build skills, and accelerate their careers.  Headquartered in New York City, Product Gym offers 30 – 45 hours of live instruction taught by leading Product Managers and Product Management subject matter experts. As of March 2020, all courses are remote due to Covid-19.

This is not a typical bootcamp or online program. The program is aimed at professionals seeking to boost their careers or transition into a product management role.  Applicants do not need to have a base knowledge of product management as Product Gym teaches content to beginners. Members learn the skills needed to excel in product management, all designed to help their members contribute to the Product Management community. 

Members also learn how to optimize their resumes to pass through applicant tracking systems. Also, members craft cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and tailored backstories through the program. Members can begin applying to Product Management roles as early as 10 to 14 days after enrollment, with assistance from Product Gym.

Product Gym teaches its members how to create a product road map, conduct business and market analysis, define an MVP, evaluate OKRs and KPIs, wire-framing, prototype testing, and building stakeholder consensus. Members have access to career talks and other industry-related services to assist with career placement after graduation. Instructors hold senior product management positions at top tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Spotify. Upon completion of Product Gym’s training, members will be awarded a Certificate of Product Management and have lifetime access to membership.

Who should go to Product Gym?

People with some to no experience in product management looking to land a role in the field can benefit from membership. The program is especially helpful for people who are looking to network with other product managers or build on their established Product Management careers.

How much does Product Gym cost?

Product Gym offers two membership options, Cash or ISA.

For those able to pay upfront, membership and access to the curriculum costs $6,000. In addition to their paid program, they offer free online courses on acing product management interviews and case studies.

Alternatively, members can forego the upfront cash payment, and instead participate in an income share agreement (ISA) at either 5% or 10% of their salary [for up to 18 or 24 months or a $12,000 cap].  Under the ISA option, members are not required to pay anything, other than a $2,000 or $4,500 registration fee unless they land a product management job with a salary of $60K or more.  We call this the Minimum Income Threshold, or “Floor”, and the higher the Floor, the better for the Member, because you don’t pay back your ISA while earning less than the Floor.  For Product Gym to offer a  $60K Floor, makes their program very compelling. 

Course Duration 

Product Gym’s course is roughly 6 weeks long. However, they understand that your hiring process may not be finished within the 6 weeks, so all members are given lifetime access after enrollment – ensuring those that may take longer to land a dream job still have support from Product Gym. Classes are rolling, so members can begin participating as soon as they join. 

Program Highlights

Career Coaching

Product Gym realizes that the job market is difficult to go through alone. There is a lot of stress in applying to new jobs because of the chance of not receiving an offer. With Product Gym’s career coaching, you’re able to go through the process with a career coach giving you tips to succeed. 

Personal Branding

Product Gym helps its Members learn how to sell themselves to recruiters on LinkedIn.  They help you optimize your personal brand so you stand out in the crowd.  Product Gym’s methodology includes applying to as many jobs as possible to increase your chance of callback. Product Gym helps you do this by revamping your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, and backstory. 

Interview Support

Product Gym members have landed offers at top companies like Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, and Zapier.  They took all this knowledge and created over 3,000 Product Management questions and digital interview flashcards, to prepare you for any question you may face. But besides your normal interview questions, you also learn how to think and solve case study questions. Something that is critical to succeeding in the interview process for many applications.

Product Management may seem like a daunting field to jump into but it doesn’t have to be! Product Gym has figured out how to make the journey less stressful and fulfilling. Are you ready to kick-start your Product Management career? Get started with Product Gym today!

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