We know that tuition payments and student enrollment are at the heart of any educational institution, so we created the solution: Meratas

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How to Design a Great Income Share Agreement Program

If you’re thinking about offering your own Income Share Agreement program, it’s important to know your goals. Here’s how to design a great ISA program.

Benefits of Learn Now Pay Later For Certification Programs

Educational programs, schools, and boot camps alike are beginning to incorporate (LNPL) into their financial offerings, but what about certification programs?  

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Starting your first job? Time to get some good financial habits in place! This post talks about the top 5 financial habits to build early on in your career

Ever wondered if an Income Share Agreement is right for you? Today, we take a look at who benefits most from ISAs and how they work to their advantage.

Ever wanted to go from entry level employee to working your dream job? We have just the tool that will level up your career like no other.

For many, ISAs can be tricky to understand. What is an ISA? In this post, let's meet Lauren and learn what an ISA was like for her.

The job hunt isn’t about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview. You need a way to set yourself apart from other people applying.

With an Income Share Agreement, students don’t have to worry about mounting interest. There are three ways to pay off your Income Share Agreement.

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