We know that tuition payments and student enrollment are at the heart of any educational institution, so we created the solution: Meratas

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How to Design a Great Income Share Agreement Program

If you’re thinking about offering your own Income Share Agreement program, it’s important to know your goals. Here’s how to design a great ISA program.

Benefits of Learn Now Pay Later For Certification Programs

Educational programs, schools, and boot camps alike are beginning to incorporate (LNPL) into their financial offerings, but what about certification programs?  

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what if there was a way to quickly change careers by learning new skills? And what if you could pay for it in a manageable way that you're probably already using?

Income Share Agreements for enreprenuers

Income Share Agreements, or ISAs for short, are a growing alternative to traditional student loans. …

Your students are already using Buy Now Pay Later, does it make sense to give them the option to use this model for education?

Tuition Platform financing

Why You Need Flexibility in Your Tuition Program and Provider Finding the best tuition option …

When comparing private lenders to federal loan options, ensure that you do the research for yourself and know exactly what you want.

Product Management has been rising in popularity as a career path and created more competition in the job market due to the increased density of candidates. Interested? Keep reading to find out if Product Management is the right career for you. 

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