A snapshot of student loan debt in the United States in 2022.

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Your Guide to Different Types of Federal Student Loans

College can be a significant cost that is out of reach for most students, but here are several different federal loan options to help you pay for college.

How to Design a Great Income Share Agreement Program

If you’re thinking about offering your own Income Share Agreement program, it’s important to know your goals. Here’s how to design a great ISA program.

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The Agile coaching market has been snowballing because of the mainstream adoption of Agile. In …

If you're not using social media as a recruitment tool, you're missing out on an easy and quick way to reach potential students. Your

t’s difficult for hard-working students and career-changers to get into the new careers they want because of the ever-increasing cost of education. What if you could use a type of payment you’re probably already using  to pay for the training to get a better career? 

Buy Now Pay Later - Pay in 4

Because flexible financing increases accessibility to students, schools are able to increase enrollment and fill empty seats.

what if there was a way to quickly change careers by learning new skills? And what if you could pay for it in a manageable way that you're probably already using?

Income Share Agreements for enreprenuers

Income Share Agreements, or ISAs for short, are a growing alternative to traditional student loans. …

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