January 18, 2022

An Introduction to Fixed Payment Tuition Plans For Your School

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The Flat Payment Plan from Meratas gives students all the benefits of a traditional BNPL plan but spreads the payments out over a longer period of time

11% of all U.S. consumers – 29 million people – have made at least one BNPL purchase in the last year alone. According to this study.

Consumers who use BNPL see it as an effective way to manage their budgets, enabling them to make purchases without having to worry about spending too much of their personal savings.

Installment plans alone may not be the best fit for larger schools/programs whose tuition price is too substantial to split up into 4 monthly payments alone. So it’s important to offer other options to students. 

So how can you offer your students Learn Now, Pay Later options with a larger, more in-depth program? 

Introducing the Fixed Payment Plan 

The Fixed Payment Plan from Meratas gives students all the benefits of a traditional BNPL plan but spreads the payments out over a longer period of time. The student still makes fixed monthly payments but the repayment term could be a year or more. The set number of fixed payments starts after a grace period and can be designed with or without an effective APR.

This provides students with the flexibility they need while providing you with consistent payments. The student also repays the entire tuition amount so you know you’ll get full payments. 

Ways to Utilize Flat Payment Plans 

At your program, you can use flat payment plans as a stand-alone tuition option or combine it with the Pay in 4 to get a larger portion of the tuition up front and then spread the rest of the payment out over time. This combination makes it easier for students to pay for their programs and easier for programs to combine specific payment plans for programs that need a boost in enrollment. 

Meratas: The Learn Now, Pay Later Platform

Partners choose Meratas for a few simple reasons:

They have increased enrollment, diversified their income, and scaled their programs. In addition, 8 out of 10 students polled said they wouldn’t have considered their program without a flexible financing option.

The Meratas approach to alternative financing options puts schools and students at the center of what we do. We provide schools with the tools they need to create tuition programs that are fair and flexible for your students and profitable for you.

Meratas has taken all of the financing options students want and combined them with all the benefits of Buy Now, Pay Later. We call it: 

Learn Now, Pay Later.

Flat Payment Plans are an excellent way to balance consistent payments with student accessibility. They can also fit flexibly into your current tuition products. Does this sound like something that would be a good fit for your program? Visit our Partner’s page to learn more or click here to schedule a meeting with us! 

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