About Us

About Us

We help schools, skills training programs, and students unlock the power of incentive aligned educational programs,  by offering a full-service, turnkey software platform to design, originate, and administer ISAs and other incentive-aligned tuition products.   
Colleges, workforce accelerators, and skills training programs partner with Meratas to provide innovative incentive-aligned tuition options proven to increase enrollment and lower defaults. From bespoke ISA program design to data-driven enrollment management, we help our partners advance clear strategic objectives: improve retention, increase enrollment, and achieve better outcomes reporting.  
Meratas was founded on the belief that technology, analytics and operations should be executed in concert, flawlessly. We remove the back office pain points enabling you to focus on delivering quality educational programs.  Our core solution and customized workflow has a singular focus on offering incentive aligned tuition programs with unparalleled provider and end-user experiences.

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